May all members be aware of their meritorious deed and be joyous.

After such joyousness, may each be able to continue and pursue ardently for further progress and development.

While doing so, may you not be disappointed or discouraged in your endeavours when encountered by difficulties, and may not arrogant when successful and strive with a strong and stable mind.

When shortcomings are found, do not put the blame on any one person and bear in mind that these shortcomings are attributable to all including your own self, and strive with a mindfulness so that such shortcomings do not occur again.

Be especially mindful that situations do not arise among members in which the others have to tolerate you with forbearance, but be always in a position that you tolerate the others with forbearance.

In such manner, may you all be able to strive in unity for the continuous progress of the organization.

May you be able to give patronage to the propagation of the Buddha's Patipatti Sasana in manifold ways.


Venerable Sayadaw Dr. Dhammapiya

Dr. Dhammapiya Sayadaw was born in Myanmar ( Burma ). He became a novice monk (samanera) at the age of nine and a fully ordained monk (bhikkhu) of the Theravada Monastic Order at the age of twenty. In 1980, he received the degree, Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya in Pali scriptures. In the same year, he started practicing Vipassana meditation at Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha, Yangon ( Rangoon ), Myanamar ( Burma ).

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Ashin Thiri

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To build a Dhamma center of excellence for the propagation of Buddha Sasana and the promotion of the buddhist way of life. Also to promote and spread the Burmese language and culture.

Mettananda Vihara

To maintain a vihara that is conductive to the propagation of the Buddha Sasana and the promotion of the buddhist way of life. To establish a place of congregation and retreat for those who value, adore and practise metta, the members of a metta-based community.


To build and maintain a Vipassana Center, Dhamma Yeiktha that educates, facilitates and promotes the practice of Vipassana meditation.

Buddhist Education and Training

To provide buddhist education, training and development for our children and youth so that they grow up as good and useful Buddhist.

Burmese Culture and Language

To promote Burmese culture events and to spread the use of Burmese language among oversea Burmese children and youth.

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