Donation (Dāna)


Giving (dana) is one of the essential preliminary steps of Buddhist practice. When practiced in itself, it is a basis of merit or wholesome kamma. When coupled with morality, concentration and insight, it leads ultimately to liberation from samsara, the cycle of repeated existence. Even those who are well-established on the path to emancipation continue to practice giving as it is conducive to wealth, beauty and pleasure in their remaining lifetimes. Bodhisattas complete the danaparami or perfection of giving to the ultimate degree by happily donating their limbs and their very lives to help other beings.

The monastery receives the funds donated from the community around the San Francisco Bay Area and across the United States.

Donations through Zelle

Anyone who wishes to donate directly from their bank using Zelle may direct the funds to MABA by using the email address
(Please include your full name or full email or mailing address in the memo field so that you are able to receive a donation receipt. Or simply contact us after sending the donation)

Donations by check or money order (U.S. funds only) can me made payable to:

2707 Seminary Ave
Oakland, CA 94605